Welcome to EndowedRights.org.

Originally I had in mind this site would be for the discussion of our endowed rights. With the things that have happened in this Country of America, I have now decided the focus will be not on discussion of WHAT our endowed rights are but how we now can use those rights, as established in our original Founding Documents, to exist in a Country which no longer believes in or supports those Founding Documents.

We as humans are born with God given rights. Our Founders understood this and created this Republic based on that fact. This site will contain information I know and find that hopefully will help myself and others to live lives fully exercising our God given rights to their fullest, regardless of whether those rights are supported by our governments or not.

My focus will mainly be on my local community and many parts of this site will be limited to those persons within that community who wish to join in. Other parts will be open to the public as a whole. If there is enough interest from other communities I will try to expand areas dedicated to those communities also. I believe our futures lie within our own, individual community first, then county, then State.

My loyalties stop at the State level at this point since there is no loyalty to me or my rights outside of my State.

If situations  change drastically in the future, I plan to change with them. Time will tell.