Let’s Kick Things Off

How to get started? Wow, that’s a real challenge for me.

I have so many thoughts and ideas. I’ve always been fairly good at that, it’s the implementing that I find exceptionally challenging.

I guess I will start with a little about me and why should you even be here to listen to me.

I’ve been around and seen a lot in my 65 years on this earth. As with most, some of that time has been wasted and some has been beneficial. I would like to share with you the beneficial parts but some of the less beneficial parts will also creep in if for no other reason than to illustrate what NOT to do.

I have backgrounds in several areas, most notably in printing, restaurant, and computer network and hardware support. I have been in business for myself and worked for others. I’m a “jack of all trades and master of none” as the old saying goes.

I am what I would call a “original constitutional conservative”. I believe in the Founding Documents as they were originally written and intended by the Founders.

I read quite a bit on various topics, mostly revolving around the Founding of our Country and self sufficiency. I have done this for a number of years now, 10-12 at least, but to a lesser extent for most of my adult life.

I have acquired a lot of knowledge and information on the above subjects and feel I now need to share that knowledge and information with others, starting with my local community. This decision is based on the upheaval that is going on in our Country right now.

I fully believe that we, as humans possess the ability to survive and thrive with little more than what we can provide for ourselves from nature. That’s not saying I don’t believe in taking advantage of any and all other sources available to us. Far from it. However, if we do not prepare for not having those things and that were to happen, then we don’t survive, let alone thrive.

So that is my intent here.

To provide knowledge and information and also to gain more of the same because I most certainly do not have it all. So we will all learn from, and help, each other.

My vision would be a community that is capable of self support of all it’s residents regardless of what happens in the “outside” world. That we would all have the basic necessities of life for ourselves and our families.

I believe this is most certainly achievable in a relatively short period of time if we work together. It will require work, physical work, but humans also need that to survive. We need activity and exercise both of our minds and our bodies.

Hopefully this provides at least enough basic information for you to consider getting involved with this effort. We really have nothing to lose and a tremendous amount to gain by doing this.

So, let’s get started!

More to come quickly.

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